Solutions 01
Turning Waste to Power
Energy from waste, as an alternative to fossil fuels, provides an important contribution towards the reduction in landfill disposal and global warming. This is a power generation method that uses high-temperature combustion gas generated when waste is burnt inside waste disposal factories.
Clean Renewable Energy
Electricity generated from a renewable biomass supply is a carbon neutral option for power generation and can provide overall carbon emission reductions when used to replace electricity generated from coal burning. It has been proposed as a feasible option to supply many areas in developing countries that do not yet have an electricity supply.
Solutions 02
Clean to Zero Emission Services
Scrubbers clean chemical gas emissions by spraying a liquid into the gas stream to neutralize the acids. Fabric filters and electrostatic precipitators remove particles from the emissions.

The particles are then mixed with the ash that is removed from the bottom of the furnace of the waste-to-energy plant when it is cleaned.
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